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Club Projects 

Ilminster Bowling & Tennis Club - Project Planning 

Club Vision Budget: Post Lockdown


Ilminster Bowling & Tennis Club will provide high quality sport sessions for young people and adults. This will be achieved through a progressive programme that provides recreational bowls & tennis opportunities for all ages and abilities. The club will also provide a pathway of performance for junior players interested in competing at a local and regional level.



Key Goals For 2019


  •  Resurface Outdoor Bowls Green – Sept 19 – Cost £12,000 – Bowls England Loan Interest Free for 5 years period £10,000 - Completed 

Key Goals for 2020


  •   Resurface Outdoor Tennis Courts –– Cost £29,000 - Funding Achieved - Project Start Date March 2021 - Completed April 2021 


Key Goals For 2021


  •  Refurbish Clubhouse Toilets – Cost £ 12,000 - Starts on 23rd Jan 2023 

  •  Bowls & Tennis Recruitment Drive - In Progress - Indoors 2022 recruited 25 additional players

  •  Develop Membership - Completed 

  •  Establish New Tennis Court Sink Fund - Sink Fund Established 

  •  Run Free Coaching & Open Days - Completed - Ongoing 


Key Goals For 2022

  • Indoor Green Underlay & Turn Carpet -  Approx. £8,000 - Money Raised - To Be Completed In July 22 

Investing In the Clubs Future 

As part of our continuing improvements, we have been able to do the following projects in the last 12 months.


• Refurbishment of Toilets in main clubhouse 

• New indoor bowls underlay and turn over.

• Continuous improvement of the fabric of the club by painting and decorating

• Air conditioning in the Snooker room 

• Improved security measures with CCTV added in Car Park and Tennis Court

• Improvement to Bar and pump system to offer the best possible drinks to all members. 

• New updated Till System & new card readers

• New Diary and screen system to main entrance 

• New windows in toilets and long room 

• Improving Wi-Fi for the club surrounds 

• New Tennis coach 

• Darts added as new sport - league teams joined.

• Replacement one bowls shed with increased storage

• Replacement of dishwasher in kitchen


Key Goals For 2023

  •  Remove Old Scoreboard - Completed April 2023

  • Refurbish Tesco End Outdoor Bowls Area - In Development / Planning 

  • General Club Improvements - Painting - Completed June 2023

Key Goals For 2024

  • ​Renovations to bar and lounge Area - Planning and discussions 

  • Build New Seating area at end of Outdoor Bowls area - Tesco End 

Key Goals for 2025


























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