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Pickleball was introduced to the Ilminster Bowling & Tennis Club in 2019 and has proved to be popular with many members.  Its played on our three outdoor tennis courts, which are adapted with temporary lines to facilitate the game.

Pickleball is perfect for all age groups and experience, from the total beginner to more competitive players.

How To Get Involved


If you want to know more about Pickleball then simply send an email to and we will respond with whats involved to start playing Pickleball with membership options.  Of course if you have any specific queries as well then please do include these in your email.

The basic procedure for a new Pickleballer is that we will invite you to the Pickleball social sessions as detailed below and ask you to let us know which you can attend.  We will then give the Pickleball group a "heads up" so that they will be aware of your arrival and "meet & greet" you.  As well as introducing you to other players they will also introduce you into the game of Pickleball.

You will have the opportunity to attend 3 free social Pickleball sessions following which we hope you will want to join us as a member.  Spare Pickleball paddles are available but we do ask that if you join, you purchase a paddle for your own personal use.


Thank you for showing your interest.

Pickleball Social Sessions

The following designated social times have been reserved for Pickleball play on the tennis courts:

                     Court 1  Court 2  Court 3

Tuesday     2-4pm                              Note 1   

Thursday   12-1pm   


            2-3pm     Note 2   Note 2

Friday      2-4pm   


Note 1 The times for Tuesday change from 2-4pm when it gets warmer, towards Spring time

Note 2 This court can also be used if not required for coaching


For the latest membership prices please click here

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