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As you step into our club, you'll discover a range of premier amenities tailored to suit every interest and skill level, where every visit promises excitement, camaraderie, and growth. Our club isn't just about sports; it's a vibrant community where members of all ages and abilities come together to enjoy a diverse range of activities.


Unleash your competitive spirit on our pristine outdoor bowls green or test your precision on the indoor bowls rink. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you serve an ace on the tennis court or aim for that perfect break in a game of snooker. From the classic charm of skittles to the fast-paced action of pickleball and table tennis, there's never a dull moment at Ilminster.

Yet, what truly sets Ilminster Bowling & Tennis Club apart is its warm and inclusive community. Forge lasting friendships as you bond over shared victories and celebrate each other's

milestones. Whether you're enjoying a friendly match or unwinding in our welcoming clubhouse, you'll always find support and encouragement from fellow members who share your passion for sports and camaraderie.

Don't just join a club; join a lifestyle. Experience the joy of belonging to Ilminster Bowling & Tennis Club and discover a world of opportunities waiting for you. From improving your physical fitness to nurturing meaningful connections, every moment spent here is a step towards a happier, healthier you. Join us today and start your journey towards a life filled with wellness, friendship, and fun.


Thank you for showing your interest.

Membership Fees for 2024/25

Membership fees are due annually by April 31st, with entry cards updated shortly after. For those joining after September 1st, flexible pro rata fees are available. Connect with our membership secretary via the club for more information or register your interest using the form above. Embrace the camaraderie and excitement at Ilminster Bowling & Tennis Club—it's not just a club, it's a community.

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