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Kevin Hamilton: "The Season ahead"

As the outdoor season approaches, Ilminster Bowling Club is eagerly preparing for the camaraderie, competition, and community engagement it brings. I had the privilege of speaking with Kevin Hamilton, a seasoned player for Ilminster Men’s A and B Teams, who also happens to be the esteemed Chairman of the club. Together, we discussed his aspirations, strategies, and initiatives for the upcoming season.

For Kevin, who wears both hats as Chairman and player, the primary objectives for the season are clear: to foster an environment where every member can thrive. "Our main goals," he emphasises, "are for all members to enjoy the season, make new friends, compete, relish our green and surrounds, and extend a warm welcome to new bowlers." It's evident that inclusivity and enjoyment are at the forefront of Ilminster's mission.

Kevin, a cornerstone of Ilminster's bowling prowess, shares insights into the strategies vital for securing victories this season. "Man management is key," he asserts. "Ensuring good selection of playing members in the right positions is crucial. It's not always easy, but we strive to optimise our team composition."

The Chairman highlighted the importance of attracting and nurturing new members. "Your club is only as good as the members it attracts and retains," remarks Kevin. Ilminster employs various initiatives, from open days to discounted memberships for newcomers, to ensure the club remains vibrant and diverse.

Inclusivity is a core value at Ilminster, as Kevin outlines the club's ethos. "We aim to create a welcoming, happy, clean, and well-run environment, offering a wide selection of sports and pastimes." Diversity in committee representation ensures all voices are heard.

What sets Ilminster apart? According to Kevin, it's the club's forward-thinking approach. "We're never complacent," he says. "We embrace new ideas and strategies, always striving to progress."

Ensuring pristine bowling greens is a top priority. The club's green team, comprised of dedicated volunteers, undertakes routine maintenance to ensure optimal playing conditions.

From prestigious tournaments like the Middleton Cup to county finals and club competitions, Ilminster's calendar is brimming with events catering to all skill levels.

Kevin stresses the importance of balancing competitiveness with camaraderie. "We aim to provide opportunities for all members to play at their preferred level," he explains.

Ilminster's outreach extends beyond its members. Community outreach programs invite various groups to experience the joys of bowling, fostering a spirit of inclusivity.

In an ever-evolving landscape, Ilminster recognises the role of technology in enhancing the member experience. A website overhaul, social media presence, and WhatsApp groups facilitate seamless communication and engagement.

Kevin anticipates challenges in accommodating all abilities during a bustling season. However, proactive measures, such as embracing new talent and fostering inclusivity, are paramount.

To those considering joining Ilminster Bowling Club, Kevin extends a warm invitation: "Come and have a go—embrace all this great Club has to offer. With up to six free coaching sessions, there's no reason not to give it a try."

As Ilminster Bowling Club gears up for the outdoor season, it's evident that their dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and community engagement will continue to propel them forward. With a blend of tradition and innovation, Ilminster stands poised to make waves both on and off the greens.

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