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Misfits Win a Triumph for Team and Club

In a season marked by exceptional performances and strategic brilliance, the Ilminster Misfits, are one of two snooker teams representing Ilminster Bowling and Tennis Club, and have emerged victorious in the prestigious Yeovil League. Under the inspiring leadership of captain Steve Campbell, the team secured the league title, leaving their competitors in the dust and putting the club firmly on the snooker map.

Reflecting on this stellar achievement, Steve Campbell couldn't hide his pride and joy. "It's a great feeling to have led the Ilminster Misfits to our Yeovil League victory," he said. "I feel very proud of the team, especially as the same group of six players played well in the league last year but came in fourth position. This year, through much hard work, concentration, and practice, the team only lost one match out of the 21 matches played across a long season. A great achievement which led to us beating our nearest rivals to the league title by seven points."

The Misfits' success story is built on the remarkable progress of its individual players. Key to their triumph was the improvement in match play ability, particularly in shot selection and safety. Campbell highlighted memorable moments from the season, especially their significant victories against teams featuring highly skilled Somerset County A and B players. These victories were instrumental in building the confidence and momentum that carried the Misfits through the season.

Preparation and strategy played pivotal roles in their campaign. "We were focused on selecting a team for each match consisting of four players who were in the best form," Campbell explained. "A competitive edge to each week’s team selection decision was to have players drop from the following week’s match if they lost both of the two frames played in the previous week. This may sound tough, but I was blessed with five players who were all playing well most weeks, and we agreed on this principle as a team."

Teamwork and mutual support were the cornerstones of the Misfits' approach. As the season progressed, the bond among the players grew stronger, fostering a supportive environment that contributed significantly to their success. "This group of players were also very good at supporting their teammates in other competitions, such as the individual and team knockout events," Campbell added.

For those interested in joining the snooker section at Ilminster Bowling and Tennis Club, there are ample opportunities to get involved. Weekly practice sessions are held on Tuesdays from 6:30 pm, open to all levels of ability and experience. Campbell advises beginners to consider lessons from a qualified coach and offers free snooker tasting sessions on Saturday mornings. "Anyone interested in getting involved in snooker at Ilminster Bowling and Tennis Club can come along to our weekly practice evenings," he said.

The club boasts excellent facilities, including a quietly situated, air-conditioned snooker room with two well-maintained tables and all necessary equipment. "The snooker section is very well supported by the club," Campbell noted. "We feel very lucky to have such great facilities."

Playing snooker offers numerous benefits, both physically and mentally. The game can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, providing a fun pastime or a competitive challenge. "The benefits of playing snooker are many and varied," Campbell said. "The game can be played as a pleasant pastime or at a competitive level, with well-documented benefits from periods of focused concentration and consistent physical coordination."

The Misfits' victory is not just a win for the team but also a boost for the entire snooker section of the Ilminster Bowling and Tennis Club. It underscores the potential for future successes and encourages new members to join and participate. The club offers opportunities for new members to compete in local leagues and tournaments, with the Misfits and Mischiefs representing Ilminster.

Looking ahead, the future for the snooker section at Ilminster Bowling and Tennis Club is bright. "The Misfits team looks forward to defending our Yeovil League title next season," Campbell said. "We’re soon to play in a trophy event at the League’s presentation evening on June 29 at Martock Snooker Club. We now have more than 15 players registered to play in the league across the two Ilminster teams, and we’re very close to being able to run three teams in the league or even add a team to the Taunton and District Snooker League. Watch this space!"

Congratulations to the Ilminster Misfits team members: Dean Thomas, Adam Hilling, Steve Campbell (Captain), Shane Mears, Wayne Mears, and Dave Waller. Their hard work and dedication have brought glory to the club, and their story is an inspiration to all snooker enthusiasts.

For more information on joining the snooker section, please visit the club's reception or contact Mark Seddon, who heads up the snooker section. Let's continue to support and celebrate the Misfits as they aim for even greater heights!

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